Q. I am an education major in PA and I received a citation for drunk in public, should I fight it? Will this show on my record. I was walking down the street at my college campus and an undercover cop pulled up and asked if I was okay then I was given a breathalyzer test and eventually taken me to my dorm where a friend signed a release form. They hand cuffed me but never read me my rights. Next, I have to contact the magisterial district court. I was wondering if I should bring a lawyer to court?

A. You need an attorney to help you avoid a conviction, one way or the other. A conviction of this seemingly harmless summary offense will stay on your record for 5 years. At that point you can pay an attorney to expunge it. In addition, if you are a minor, there will be a driver’s license suspension. There may be first offenders options for students like you and an attorney will know how to access them.